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Mix and match

QKtract lets you quickly mix and match any combination of the following: contracts, packages, and questions. Just need a quick questionairre to send out, just add questions. Already have all the answers and just need to collect a signature and payment, create a template with packages and a contract.

Payment options

Collect your client's payments online through your existing merchant account, PayPal website payments pro or standard, and Stripe. Ask for the deposit, full amount, or remaining balance. Clients can return to the confirmation page at any time to pay off their balance.

Get notified

QKtract will send you a confirmation email as soon as a client fills out their contract or form. Automatically send them their copy as soon as you sign the contract.

Match your design

Design your page to match your business. Upload your logo and have QKtract create a theme automatically for you, choose from preselected themes, or create your own.

No installation required

Create your online contracts and templates without installing any software, or even requiring a website of your own. QKtract takes care of hosting your forms and storing your documents so you don't have to.

Embed answers in the contract

Embed answers from your questions directly into the contract. Apply date calculations allowing you to do common tasks such as "90 days from signing date", "In two weeks", "1 year from now".

Automatic conversion

QKtract supports converting your existing word document to an online contract. Simply upload it and let QKtract do the busy work for you.

Downloadable contracts as PDF

Download your contracts anywhere, at anytime, in a printer friendly PDF format; email your contracts to your clients.

No commitment

Pay per contract, or month to month. QKtract can work regardless of how many contracts you close each month. Change your billing type or cancel at anytime all online.

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Book clients with gorgeous zero-friction forms. Create custom inline signatures and initials directly inside the contract, use as many as you need. Visually manage your templates. Setup payment acceptance to collect deposits or full amounts. Effortlessly design a custom look that matches your business, or choose from visually stunning themes. Get the answers you need from you clients using a variety of question types. Build packages that suit your business, configure them with prices, deposits, and sales tax. Contracts in QKtract are easy to create on their own or start with a Word Document. Store the answers of client responses directly in the document. Don't waste time finding clients or templates, use the super search to find them faster than you can type. Immediately collect deposits or balances on submitted contracts without having to interact with your customers. QKtract supports <b></b>, <b>Paypal</b>, and <b>Stripe</b>. Sign, modify, and download your submitted contracts. View your clients payments at a glance or the complete history.